The Jonah Principle

End-Time News Flash! Prophecy Reveals The United States Moving Head-long Towards National Apostasy And Ruin!

Listen; maybe it’s not too late… we are encouraged to hope when we consider Jonah’s prophecy. More on “The Jonah Principle” later, but first….

Revelation 13 is a prophecy that tells a story of the rise and fall of a “lamb-like” beast. The description fits the United States of America. According to Scripture time-line, God raised the United States of America up just as the “Great Tribulation” (dark ages) was winding down. His providence provided a safe place to establish our Christian nation based on moral freedom — the laws of His government. We have strayed from the path of blessing and are now seeing America’s last-Day fulfillment (Revelation 13:11-17). Our leaders are in the process of repudiating every principle of our blessed and beloved constitution. Our freedom loving country, provided by God to escape religious persecution, is now being undermined and INTENTIONALLY destroyed.  And… worse yet, we are setting the stage for a one world government led by a power from beneath.  The world will soon be plunged in destruction more complete than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Right Now — Crisis after crisis is being manufactured

& solutions designed or managed to move us into one plausible direction. We are being deceived and this is NOT a political statement — it’s prophecy!

Please Understand — We know Protestants have pretty much quit protesting. Most slumbering church organizations have already accepted the mark of antichrists authority and don’t even know it. We are asleep like the ten virgins of Matthew 25:1-13. But… the loud cry is, “arise quickly and shine, trim your lamps and “go out” to meet the Bridegroom.” But… out of where and… into what (Read Revelation 18)?

Prepare to be stunned! What world religious organization has a history of speaking out against the United States Constitution? Hint — it had a deadly wound NOW being healed and the “whole earth will wonder” after it!
What is the “MARK” of this religions authority. The churches own words, not ours.
What laws has it changed and what of God’s times has it replaced with it’s own (Daniel 7:25).
America has worked behind the scenes with this religious power in the past to help subdue other nations. How and when will the United States partner again for the final events of human history?
It may be too late, but… what can Christians do right now to possibly avert this crisis? Both God’s blessing and cursing is conditional.

May I have your attention, please; — “The Jonah Principle“ explores God’s mercy in dealing with the wicked city, Nineveh. We believe there is reason to quickly implement this strategy to preserve the original founding commitment of our moral society. He has established our country based on His commandments and then blessed us above all others. The story of Jonah’s prophecy to Nineveh is the only hope our nation has now — it is stubbornly straying from God’s will. “The Jonah Principle“ reveals the United States in prophecy and it’s startling role in end-time fulfillment. We must not sit back and watch as it goes from “lamb-like” to DRAGON-like. OK, but…

What happens next and… what can we do?

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